SG Series UPS

UL Listed 60Hz, 10 – 750kVA

Digital EnergyTM SG Series is one of the most reliable and best-performing UPS equipment that provides power protection and quality for a wide range of applications. Operates in VFI mode (independent voltage and frequency), has been developed to meet the growing demand for features for a? Clean entry? in the UPS, through an innovative rectifier control algorithm, formed by IGTs, which replace the obsolete technologies with thyristors + filters at the input. By means of elements as important as the Anti-return Protection and the strict control of the safety and EMC standards, the SG series complies with and even exceeds all the requirements demanded by the regulation and regulations applicable to UPS I? S. The reliability of the system can be increased by installing more units in parallel.


  • PurePulseA : clean input rectifier by IGBT that guarantees a total harmonic distortion in current at the input.
  • Output power factor of up to 0.9 cap, optimized to protect modern information equipment.
  • Zig a zag transformer for insulation at the output of the inverter, makes it possible for the UPS to work correctly even with strongly unbalanced loads while providing the maximum nominal output capacity.
  • Modulation Space Vector (SVM): is the new generation of pulse width modulation in the inverter control technology, achieving greater efficiency with full or partial load, greater output output and precise performance for parallel systems.
  • Extremely low distortion of the output voltage, producing an excellent quality in the output waveform, for any type of load.
  • True frontal access to facilitate operability and maintenance, reduces the necessary floor space.
  • Higher battery management: can be configured to perform a periodic check of the battery system and calculate the actual operating time of batteries for the measured values ​​of temperature and level of charge, such a way, it increases the useful life of the batteries.
  • High efficiency guaranteed, both full load and partial.
  • LCD screen 4 x 20 characters.
  • Audible alarm in case of battery mode, overload, etc.

Common Uses

  • Protects critical devices against power fluctuations and power failures such as: medical diagnostic equipment (radiography, tomography), clinical laboratory equipment, or information care equipment sanitary
  • Banking and Finance: soft-currency transactions, financial transactions and data processing centers.
  • Data Processing Centers: servers, internet providers, call centers and datacenters
  • Industrial systems so that no process stops: process control, satAlites, robAtica, programmable automata and digital controllers.
  • Transportation system to ensure the safe transport of passengers and merchandise: road infrastructure, air traffic control, railway signaling and tunnel lighting.
  • Critical infrastructure essential for public and private services: emergency lighting, security systems, fire alarm systems, building automation, points of sale and stores.
  • Broadcasting and transmission systems.