SG Series UPS

CE Listed, 50Hz, 10 – 600kVA

The SG Series from Digital EnergyTM is one of the most reliable and best performing three phase UPS systems that provides critical power protection for a wide variety of applications. Each SG Series system operates in double conversion mode with VFI line operation (independent voltage and frequency), producing the highest levels of energy reliability for all essential processes. It was developed using the GE design for the Six Sigma methodology to ensure that the product fully meets the requirements and expectations of the client. GE’s exclusive RPATM Redundant Parallel Architecture allows up to eight units to be paralleled for redundancy or capacity. This advanced technology provides the highest system reliability for essential applications.


  • Extremely low output voltage distortion and better transient response for non-linear loads and 100% staggered loads.
  • Redundant Parallel Architecture increases the reliability of the system by eliminating the unique points of failure.
  • SVM spatial vector modulation, an advanced digital control technique of Pulse Width Modulation, to modulate the inverter, which produces a fast transient response with high efficiency.
  • Efficient energy output throughout the load range, with the best efficiency in its class for partial load.
  • The superior management of the SBM battery improves the battery’s useful life and reduces the cost of the operation.
  • Zigzag output transformer for inverter insulation that provides better output performance.
  • The Intelligent Energy Management IEMTM automatically determines the most efficient mode of operation for the RPATM system, which reduces overall operating costs.
  • Designed for better service capability with front service access and an open architecture to reduce maintenance and repair costs.
  • Derivation for internal and integrated manual maintenance that reduces the need for external equipment.
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics via LAN or Internet.
  • Audible alarm in case of battery mode, overload, bypass, etc.

Common Uses

  • Protects critical devices against power fluctuations and power failures such as: medical diagnostic equipment (radiography, tomography), clinical laboratory equipment, or information care equipment sanitary
  • Banking and Finance: soft-currency transactions, financial transactions and data processing centers.
  • Data Processing Centers: servers, internet providers, call centers and datacenters.
  • Industrial systems so that no process stops: process control, satAlites, robAtica, programmable automata and digital controllers.
  • Transportation system to ensure the safe transport of passengers and merchandise: road infrastructure, air traffic control, railway signaling and tunnel lighting.
  • Critical infrastructure essential for public and private services: emergency lighting, security systems, fire alarm systems, building automation, points of sale and stores.