PSG Parallelism Board

Parallelism is an operation in which several sources of energy, usually two or more sets of generators, connect and synchronize with a common bus (the same parameters in terms of frequency, A? phase angle, etc.).

A Why Zenith Energy CommanderTM? 
Zenith Energy Commander has been supplying customer facilities with reliable power switching systems for many years, and continues to deliver excellence in the 21st century. Since the beginning of the parallelism board, many successful installations of Energy Commander were made with a focus on reliability.

Zenith Energy Commander has become the leading supplier of solutions for simple and very complex systems thanks to its design flexibility.

Zenith Energy Commander has evolved and adapted to the changing technologies of motor-generator design, circuit breaker controls and monitoring systems. It reflects the constant commitment of GE to support reliable solutions for critical energy applications.


In systems where part of the load is very critical, the service is better if one or more sets of generators are placed in parallel. During parallel operation, all sets of generators start at the same time. The first set to reach the correct parameters is the one that assumes the most critical part of the load, and the other sets capture the lower priority loads. In addition, when using a load shedding application, will the failure of a generator set not interrupt? the energy that goes to the critical loads, since the less important loads can suffer a strain of tension.


savings Savings can be reflected in the application when a number of small sets is less expensive than a single large set or when the load makes it difficult to divide into different sections, each with its own generator . You can also save on the operation when the useful life of the generator set is extended by using it only when it is needed to support the load. In addition, when it is anticipated that the load will increase? Significantly in the future, capital investment can be reduced by starting with small sets and by placing additional units in parallel as load increases demand it.

Uninterruptible maintenance

When a set of motor generators are out of service for maintenance or repair, having others synchronized on the same bus can provide the necessary backup power in the event of an interruption.



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